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On-Demand. Billed Hourly. Virtual or In-Person.

Q. Who’s it for?

A. You have specific money questions or issues that you need advice on, you prefer to pay for only what you need, and you do not need an on-going relationship nor investment management.

Want to Learn More?

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What kinds of Money Questions Can We Help With?

Employee Benefits - 401k Allocation, Stock Options, Restricted Stock, Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Deferred Compensation

Insurance - Life, Disability, Long-Term Care

Investments - Allocation, Risk, Projections, Cost Analysis, Cash Balances

Taxes - Tax Planning, Deduction Maximization, Optimization, Coordination 

Estate Planning - Wills, Trust, Health Care Proxies, Power of Attorney, Letter of Instruction 

Retirement - Projections, Planning, Spend Down Decisions, Answer to "Am I on Track?" 

Housing - Rent vs. Buy Decisions, Deduction Optimizations, Long-term Projections

Budgeting - Spending Analysis, Expense Reduction Strategies, Debt Payoff

Liabilities - Debt Optimization, Refinance Decisions, Restructuring

Risk - Home, Auto, Umbrella, Cyber Security, Emergency Fund

Open Enrollment & Social Security Optimization


$400 per hour

Our rate is $400 per hour. Often we will need one billable hour to review your documents and prepare for our initial meeting or call. 

Subsequent calls can be booked in as little as 15 minute increments.   

Table of Fees for Services