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Our Service Model

Baseline agenda for every review meeting

During each review meeting we plan to review and discuss the following:

 Making sure we have your statement of net worth up-to-date and accurate

  Checking open items from prior meetings

  Reviewing and verifying your goals, income, and priorities

  Most importantly, we make sure that we cover your top priorities which we will inquire about in advance of our meeting to make sure that we are prepared

Our six-month reviews are broken up into four distinct service packages. So, over a two-year period, all of the service packages are covered and then the process is repeated, starting with the beginning of the next two-year cycle. The service models are not set in stone because each client's needs are unique. So we will always focus on what matters most to you (along with covering relevant timely topics like tax law changes, market ups and downs, cyber security, changes to estate planning laws, etc.)